“80% of the problem is the system not the people.’’
- Deming


About Us

Healthcare today is all about cooperation

Everywhere you turn there are new networks, federations and communities of practice emerging. Mprove are at the forefront of the interface between technology, people and processes helping to deliver new, innovative and cost effective solutions to transform health and social care delivery for the populations of the UK.

“System Flow” is our focus. Flow is an issue that matters – or ought to matter – to everyone with a clinical, managerial, strategic or support role within the NHS. If we want the still disparate elements of the system to work together, then a focus on flow could have a vital role to play.



To tackle the ever growing challenge of delivering sustainable healthcare we focus on four key areas:

What We Do

Our Principles


Improving “system flow” is much more than just a technical challenge. Behaviours and relationships matter just as much, if not more. The ability of organisations and networks to foster a culture of learning – one where staff accumulate knowledge and insights and have the licence and support to use them to improve services – is absolutely crucial.

What are we good at?


General improvement skills


Process and systems thinking


Personal and organisational development


Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Given the rising demand for forward-looking, innovative and sustainable solutions focused on quality and cost effectiveness in the public sector, our breadth and depth of expertise can provide a range of options to meet your needs.


We provide expertise and practical support to create innovative, quality improving and cost effective solutions.


We shape and deliver change and efficiency programmes and build links between different parts of the care system, improving pathways and patient experience.

How Can We Help?

Innovative approach to solving long standing problems in order to create shared and sustainable solutions.

Better understanding of the system pathway with value added steps and failure demand visible and understood by all.

Lived experience associates will facilitate and draw out the areas of good experience and the opportunities for improvement.

Improved communication and understanding between stakeholders.

Support creative thinking in responding to NHS pressures.

Applying core principles of improvement and system leadership to a person

centred improvement plan.


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